viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010

Running To Stand Still.

U2 - Runnig To Stand still
" Then they tore down the trees and built these things called the seven towers, the Ballymun Flats. I don't know why they're called flats because they're the first high-rise projects in the country. When everyone else in Europe had figured out that people don't really like living on top of each other, they decided to start the experiment in Ireland. So they built the towers and at first you thought it was really modern, watching these buildings arise; this was incredible, gosh, a high-rise project, wow, with lifts! But they took people out the inner city and forced them to live there and broke up communities and there was a lot of unhappiness and trouble. The towers housed some very heavy gangs, so even though we lived on a nice little road we have two fairly rough neighbourhoods on either side of us, West Finglas one was and Ballymun the other. It was like being stuck between cowboys and indians, rumbles betweeen bootboys and skinheads."
(Bono, U2 BY U2, 1960 - 1975, STORIES FOR BOYS).

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