viernes, 22 de enero de 2010

Stranded (Haití Moun Amour) - Bono, Edge, Rihana y Jay-Z

Bono, The Edge, Jay-Z y Rihana interpretaron el tema "Stranded (Haiti Moun Amour)" en el evento caritativo "Hope For Haiti Now".

Jay-Z cantó la mayoría de la canción mientras Bono y Rihana cantaban el coro:

"My Port-au-Princes and Haitians gods/ All my princesses/ Our condolences as we fight against this," Jay rapped to open the record. "We right by your side/ While we trying to make sense of this/ Heavenly Father/ Help us see through these problems/ For those that's left/ Welcome them into your garden.

"Let's get involved with 'em," Jay added in the first verse. "Hand in hand with 'em/ Arm and arm with 'em/ Till they get strong again."

"When the sky falls and the earth quakes/ We gonna put this back together/ We won't break,"

Después Jay-Z hablá sobre el Huracán Katrina:

"We learned from the past/ New Orleans was flooded/ So we know we just can't rely on the government."

Puedes conseguir esta canción al pre-ordenar el album "Hope For Haiti Now" (Disponible el 25 de Enero) en iTunes

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